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Redco's Services

We recycle cardboard, office paper, newspaper, phonebooks, junk mail, shredded paper, magazines, paperback books, manuals, brochures, pretty much any paper plates, paper towels, napkins and such.

Our services:

  • Scheduled dependable pick-up service
  • Free office paper pick up service, we provide a 90 gallon trash can with lid and wheels.
  • We come around and empty cans when full.
  • Confidential shredding done at Redco - $0.15 per lb. for shredding of office paper for everyone.

Paper Pick Up Prices:

  • Paper Pick up is Free.

Cardboard Pick Up Prices:

  • 8 yard slotted containers (dumpster style) is $10 - $15 depending on type of pickup, once a month minimum service level required which is $15.00 per month. If you have two pickups per month you would only pay $10 per pickup which would be $20.00 per month.
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